DUAC's Initiatives

From 2011

Site Specific Urban Design Studies

Delhi is a city with both planned and unplanned development. A large part of Delhi lives in unauthorised colonies and slums. The Master Plan for Delhi 2021 envisaged incorporating the regularised unauthorised colonies in the mainstream of urban development by provision of requisite infrastructure , services and facilities. For slum dwellers the MPD 2021 talks about insitu  rehabilitation.

In terms of its mandate, one of the important functions of the Commission is that  the Commission may suo motu promote and secure the development, re-development or- beautification of any areas in Delhi in respect of which no proposals in that behalf have been received from any local body.

In order to give shape to the aforesaid provisions of the Master Plan the Commission after a detailed interaction with a cross section of experts  sent a proposal to the Government of India some time back for taking up such site specific conceptual urban design studies to demonstrate principles on which local area plans could be developed on a three dimensional plane. The objectives of these studies were as follows:

  1. Site Specific ‘Urban Design’ interventions for upgrading urban environment with three-dimensional visualization incorporating geospatial data.
  2. Ecological restoration – Parks, Green Areas, Water Bodies
  3. Conservation of Heritage & Enhancement of environment
  4. Up-gradation of Social & Civic infrastructure
  5. Redevelopment/revitalization of redundant areas
  6. Up-gradation of Physical infrastructure
  7. Solutions for vehicular parking
  8. Creating a more pedestrian friendly environment and prioritization of non-motorized vehicles in street design
  9. Solid waste disposal to achieve zero waste and recycle water at local level.

The proposal of the Commission was considered by a high level Project Approval Committee (PAC) in March 2012 which approved the proposal. The proposals approved included the following studies:

  1. Sites specific design for wards in Delhi 
  2. Rehabilitation of Slum 
  3. Rehabilitation Un-authorised colonies
  4. Vision of Delhi
  5. High rise development proposals along Metro corridors
  6. Rejuvenation of Gardens