DUAC's Initiatives

Delhinama Exhibition

Commission took the opportunity of the Commonwealth Games to showcase Delhi to the visitors to the City as well as its citizens through an exhibition called 'Delhinama'. The biography of this fascinating city unfolded through over a year of intense research work by a group of scholars, professionals and crafts people. Layer by layer the team unearthed amazing continuities hidden in the folds of time, of this throbbing contemporary megapolis. In this effort the Commission also received the active assistance of a number of national and international institutions as well as support of the Government of India and the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Anticipating the popularity of the exhibition, the Commission organised the exhibition at three prominent places in the City viz. Delhi University, Red Fort and the India Habitat Centre. The exhibition at the three venues was held for almost a month and received wide acclaim. Simultaneously, to initiate dialogue with the citizens and other stakeholders of the City the Commission organized the following public discussions at the India Habitat Centre and Delhi University in which eminent historians, media personalities, authors and other experts participated:

  1. Who is a Dilliwala ?
  2. Multiplicities
  3. From the Ridge to the River