Functions of DUAC

Functions of DUAC are stipulated in Section 11 of the DUAC Act, 1973 which is as follows :

  1. It shall be the general duty of the Commission to advise the Central Government in the matter of preserving, developing and maintaining the aesthetic quality of urban and environmental design within Delhi and to provide advice and guidance to any local body in respect of any project of building operations or engineering operations or any development proposal which effects or is likely to affect the skyline or the aesthetic quality of surroundings or any public amenity provided therein.
  2. Subject to -the provisions of sub-section (I), it shall be the duty of the Commission to scrutinize, approve, reject or modify proposals in respect of the following matters, namely :
    1. Development of district centers, sub district civic centres, community centers, areas earmarked for Government, administrative buildings and for residential complexes, public building/complexes on more than 2 hectares in area, or taller than 26 mts. in height, or having plot area more than 1000 sqm abutting 24 mt. or more wide road ;
    2. Re-development of the area within the jurisdiction of New Delhi Municipal Committee including Connaught Place Complex and its environs, Central Vista, the entire bungalow area of Lutyen’s New Delhi, historic areas of the City including Shahjahanabad, Civil Lines, Mehrauli and such other areas as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify ;
    3. Architectural expressions and visual appearance of new buildings in the centers, areas, parks and gardens specified in clauses (a) and (b) including selections of models or statues and fountains therein;
    4. Re-development of areas in the vicinity of Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Qutab, Humayun's Tomb, Old Fort, Tuglakabad and of such other places of historical importance, as the Central Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, specify;
    5. Conservation, preservation and beautification ot monumental buildings, heritage public parks and public gardens including location or installation of statues or fountains therein;
    6. Street furniture and hoardings;
      1. Location and plans of infrastructural proposals like power houses, water towers. television and other communication towers and other allied structures;
      2. Transport corridors including major roads, metro rail including metro stations, Railway Stations, Airports, Flyovers, bridges etc,
    7. Any other project or lay-out to beautify Delhi or to add to its cultural vitality or to enhance the quality of the surroundings thereof at the discretion of the Commission;
    8. Such other matters as may be prescribed by rules. Explanation- For the purposes of this sub-section :
      1. Civic Center" means the headquarters of a local body comprising therein its office buildings and. buildings. intended for cultural activities;
      2. Connaught Place Complex", means the area comprising Connaught Place and its extension measuring approximately 140 hectares, being the area described as Zone D-I (Revised) in the Delhi Master Plan;
      3. District Centre" means a self-contained unit created in the Delhi Master Plan comprising areas for retail shopping, general business, commercial and professional offices, forwarding, booking and Government offices, cinema, restaurants and other places of entertainment.
  3. Without prejudice to the provisions contained in subsection (1) and subsection (2), the Commission may suo motu promote and secure the development, re-development or- beautification of any areas in Delhi in respect of which no proposals in that behalf have been received from any local body.