Criterion for Project Assessment and Approval

  1. This Project Assessment and Approval system has been introduced with the objective of avoiding subjectivity while scrutinizing projects which are referred to DUAC for approval.
  2. Through this system, all projects which are referred to the DUAC for approval shall be considered based on specific preset parameters. This would ensure greater transparency, rationality, objectivity and accountability in the process.
  3. Whenever any project is received by the DUAC for approval, the preliminary scrutiny is done by the technical staff of the Commission as per existing practice and put up to the Commission.
  4. Subsequently, when the Chairman/ Members/ Advisors of the Commission meet to consider approval of projects, they need to examine projects based on the following parameters :

  5. Category



    Urban Form / Context


    Overall Space Planning and Massing

    The overall layout of the area/building, space planning, distance between buildings, massing, heights, etc. shall be examined here from the point of view of harmony of the built masses.



    Urban form of buildings shape the skyline of the city.  The effect of the building on the skyline shall be examined here.


    Street Picture

    Buildings are part and parcel of the overall street picture.  Buildings need to get harmoniously juxtaposed into the street picture presented to the eye of the beholder.  The street picture shall be examined here.



    Buildings need to be placed in such a manner so that the good views around are best made use of. Exploitation of views, both within the site and outside the site, shall be examined here.

    Environmental considerations


    Light and Ventilation

    Specifically, the orientation, sizes of courts, ventilation, etc. shall be examined here from the point of view of ensuring maximum use of natural light and ventilation.


    Horticulture / Landscaping

    The treatment of the exterior hard and soft open spaces, levels, plant materials ( ground cover, shrubs, trees), rain water, etc. shall be examined here from both environmental as well as aesthetic point of view.


    Sustainability Features

    Water harvesting, reuse, solar lighting, nature of materials used and various other ‘green building’ features shall be examined here.

    Building Aesthetics


    Exterior Finish

    Building exterior finish treatment has a major bearing on city aesthetics.  Here, the type of finishes being used shall be examined.



    The exterior color finish of the building shall be examined.


    Method of Concealing Roof Top Equipments

    Buildings often have several equipments on the roof top such as water tanks, generators, solar panels, plumbing and airconditioning equipments, etc. These present an unsightly picture and need to be concealed. Provisions for concealing these shall be examined.


    Method of Concealing Air Conditioning Equipments

    Wall mounted airconditioning equipments are often an eyesore.  These need to be concealed. Provisions for concealing these shall be examined here.


    Method of Concealing Pipes and other Services

    Building have various services drain pipes, water pipes, etc. that are mounted along the exterior surface.  The method of concealing these shall be examined here.


    Boundary Wall

    The boundary wall of a building is an important element which not only demarcates the plot boundary but also address the surroundings.  The manner in which the boundary wall is designed has a bearing on city aesthetics. The design of the boundary wall and the manner it integrates into the surroundings shall be examined here.


    Public Art

    Provisions for integration of public art into the building / layout shall be examined here.



    Signage provision shall be examined here.

    Accessibility and Vehicular Parking


    Vehicular Accessibility / Ease of Entry and Exit

    The entry / exit to the site becomes very important in terms of location since ease of access, merging with traffic, etc. are affected. These issues shall be examined here.


    Pedestrian Accessibility and Movement

    Pedestrian access into the site / building as well as within the site / between various buildings is very important.  These issues shall be examined here.



    Proper vehicular parking is necessary, not just in terms of numbers prescribed ( ECS ) in the MPD, but also in terms of their location, positioning, workability etc.  In some buildings, bus parking becomes important while in others, the drop off points become more important. All these aspects shall be examined here.


    Treatment of Entry

    The entrance to the site / layout / building is very important from both the functional as well as the aesthetic point of view. The manner this has been articulated shall be examined here.

    Any Other


    Any other parameter that may be relevant to the specific project in question shall be examined here.

  6. The Status of Approval, with or without observations as the case may be, shall be placed on the DUAC website as Minutes of the Meeting.