Anti Corruption Policy

The Delhi Urban Art Commission in the direction of good governance and with a view to curb corruption has adopted the policy of efficiency, transparency and integrity. In line with the Government’s anti corruption policy it has taken the following specific steps:

Proposals referred to the Commission:

  1. Put in operation a web based proposal tracking system through which the project proponents can track progress of their proposal from date of submission to its final disposal.
  2. The Commission considers the proposals on the basis of a set of criterion for proposal assessment which can be viewed on its website (
  3. The minutes of the decisions on the proposals considered by the Commission are uploaded on its website.
  4. On an average the Commission takes 15 days in disposal of proposals which are found to be in order.
  5. The Commission meets normally 2-3 times in a month.
  6. Any Member having any conflict of interest on a specific proposal recuses himself/ herself when the proposal is being considered by the Commission.
  7. Decisions of the Commission are taken collectively.

  8. Other Aspects:

  9. The Commission has switched over to online referral and disposal of proposals.
  10. Engagement of contractors and consultants are done on the basis of established guidelines of the Government.
  11. 10. The employees of the Commission are governed by the CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 as amended from time to time.
  12. Purchases are made through GeM in terms of the policy of the Government.
  13. All major payments are made on line through PFMS only.
  14. 13. Interaction with members of public with the staff is discouraged.
  15. A public Grievance Redressal mechanism is in operation.